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Touch of Beauty Spotlight

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By: Tiffany Bowman | January 23, 2024

Touch of Beauty opened their doors in December and we want you to know, it’s not just another spa—it's a transformative space founded by a dynamic team of healthcare professionals who bring over 30 years of combined experience in emergency/trauma medicine to the realm of holistic well-being. With stellar healthcare backgrounds, the innovative founders (Carlos Moran RN, Ericka Sarmiento Cosmetologist, and Jagmohan Ghotra NP) are committed to making health and beauty accessible to everyone, with a focus on the Latino community. 

Our We Treat experts were able to assist Touch of Beauty through regulatory practices, forming their LLC, developing contracts, and streamlining operational practices. But the most exciting part? The We Treat team developed and unveiled our first ever fully bilingual website in both English and Spanish, using cutting-edge AI technology. 

Read more as we chat with Touch of Beauty and uncover the passion, expertise, and cultural sensitivity that fuel their mission to redefine wellness in the heart of Los Angeles - and why they couldn’t do it without our experts. 


As a newly operating medical spa, what inspired you to open a business? 

The team as a whole is transitioning from the medical field to the wellness field and we know we can provide expertise in wellness after being in emergency/trauma medicine for over 30 years combined. There is a need for Spanish speakers to connect and educate the latino community as a whole and we believe we can make a difference for many so that they can live longer, more productive lives by understanding basic wellness needs. 


What types of services does Touch of Beauty offer? Any specialized focuses or favorite services? 

We’ll offer many services divided into three phases. We’re currently in phase one in which we offer neuromodulators, fillers, skin care and IV hydration. Our favorite and most popular services are IV hydration and Botox. The word Botox is very popular and we are finding our latino community calls any neuromodulator Botox. We’re doing a lot of education and through this are beginning to establish connectivity. Phase two will consist of adding the following between month three and six: MIC skinny drips, men's health and microneedling with PRP. Phase three will be rolled out between month eight and ten, adding a robust weight loss program. 


Is there anything you’d like new and/or returning customers to know about your medical spa and/or specialists? 

We are experts in the medical field with a big emphasis on customer satisfaction, and only carry quality products. 


What makes you unique from other Med Spas? 

Our customer service skills – they’re second to none!


What advice would you give to other individuals wanting to start in the med spa industry? 

Do your research on your target audience, take your time, do not rush - but once you decide to do it, do not prolong your start date (this cannot be emphasized enough). Select your partners well, don’t offer all services at opening, decide what you want to be known for. 


How did We Treat help you get your business up and running? 

We Treat was the most important resource and without We Treat my company would not be up and running. Carolyn Stanovic, Brittany Bati and Michael Riga were essential in the startup and without them it would have been daunting. Carolyn was and is my number one resource, her knowledge and guidance in the medical spa space is second to none. 


What were your most common hurdles during your startup, and how did We Treat help? 

We Treat helped with all regulatory aspects from creating the contracts to forming my LLC, and assisting with the entire process. 


Would you recommend We Treat to others? 

I highly recommend We Treat to anyone, especially nurses who want to enter the medical spa space. 


Anything else you’d like to share about your business, your team, and/or your expertise?

We are passionate about health not only for our clients but also their families.

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