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How the We Treat App Paves the Way for Seamless Connections, Supporting Small & Local this Small Business Saturday

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By: Tiffany Bowman | November 24, 2023

In the fast-paced world of beauty and wellness, the We Treat app is not only enhancing the client experience but also revolutionizing the way medical spas connect with their clientele. As we celebrate Small Business Saturday, a day dedicated to supporting local enterprises, the We Treat app emerges as a powerful tool for small medical spa businesses, offering unparalleled ease and accessibility.

Our top objective for creating the app? Smoothing out your med spa’s GFE process. Clinics go about this in a variety of ways, but We Treat has found an-all-for-one solution: imagine sending your clinic's GFE link directly to patients where they’re cleared on their own time in a HIPAA compliant app on their phone. Not only that - they can purchase meds from your store's pharmacy directly with their clinic link! 

With a user-friendly interface and seamless connection capabilities, the app facilitates easy engagement between clients and medical spas, making it an ideal platform for small businesses to increase visibility and communication. Here are a few of our other favorite enhancements:

Effortless Connections & Consultations

The We Treat app excels in simplifying the process of connecting clients to top medical spa providers. Through a streamlined approach, users can explore and filter through medical spa services, schedule consultations, and connect with providers in their vicinity, all within the same platform.

Direct Access to Vital Information

Medical spas benefit from the app's efficiency by receiving potential clients directly into their portal. This portal grants direct access to essential information such as client contacts, health history, and consent forms, enabling medical spas to provide personalized and efficient services.

Messaging Capabilities and Virtual Rooms

The We Treat app goes beyond basic connections, offering direct messaging capabilities between clients and medical spa providers. Virtual rooms equipped with video call support provide a secure and convenient space for consultations, fostering a sense of trust and communication between clients and providers.

Seamless User Experience

The app is designed to prioritize a seamless experience for both businesses and clients. From user-friendly interfaces to efficient navigation, the app ensures that the process of connecting, scheduling, and receiving information and services is as smooth as possible.

The We Treat app is a catalyst for growth for small medical spa businesses, with capabilities focused on streamlining connections and providing a flawless experience to position it as a valuable asset for those in the medical spa industry. Embrace the future of client engagement with We Treat and witness the transformation of your business. Contact us today to get your profile started!

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