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Ensuring Safety at Your Med Spa: A Peek into We Treat's Compliance Practices

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By: Tiffany Bowman | January 23, 2024

Ensuring Safety at Your Med Spa: A Peek into We Treat's Compliance Practices

In the realm of beauty and wellness, ensuring that your med spa operates within the bounds of medical standards is preeminent. Here at We Treat, we take meticulous measures to support our med spa clients to ensure both safety and compliance of your medical spa. Read below to learn more about the steps we take to connect your spa with reputable medical directors, maintain rigorous protocols, and uphold the highest standards of compliance both medically and legally.

Connecting You with Medical Directors

The first step towards ensuring the safety of customers at your med spa is establishing a strong connection with qualified medical directors in your state. We Treat goes beyond digital interactions by encouraging site visits, allowing you to meet your medical directors in person and build working relationships with them. We prioritize the accessibility of our medical directors, providing their personal phone and email information for direct communication, ensuring a seamless flow of information and support whenever you need it. The We Treat portal allows a private, secure space for each med spa to connect online with their medical team, including the medical director(s) involved by sending messages, tasks, meetings, and more. 

Protocol Approval and Documentation

Our commitment to compliance is further exemplified through the stringent protocol approval process. We Treat equips each spa with a comprehensive Practice Management Binder, containing over 330 pages of editable protocols, consent forms, and documentation for the medical director to review initially, then quarterly and annually. Before any service is offered at your med spa, the medical director must grant approval for protocols within the specific service areas, with both parties then signing off on these protocols. 

License Verification and Documentation

We leave no stone unturned when it comes to the verification of healthcare workers' licenses. We meticulously collect and review all relevant documentation to ensure that licenses and training are not only active but also on file for all parties involved. This proactive approach guarantees that your med spa is staffed by qualified and licensed professionals, contributing to the overall safety of your operations.

HIPAA Compliant Electronic Medical Records (EMR) System

We Treat understands the sensitivity of medical information, and as such, we ensure that all treatments administered at your med spa are documented in a HIPAA-compliant Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system. This allows the medical director to log in at any time, review treatment charts, and sign off on them, ensuring transparency, accountability, and compliance with regulatory standards.

Accessibility of Medical Directors

Our commitment to accessibility extends beyond showcasing our medical directors on our website and providing their personal information. We believe that transparency facilitates direct communication, allowing you to reach out to them whenever necessary, and additionally, in the rare event that a med spa's medical director is unavailable, one of We Treat's Chief Medical Officer’s will step in to provide support and continuity of care for both the med spa and its patients.

At We Treat, safety and compliance are not just buzzwords; they are the cornerstones of our commitment to the well-being of your med spa. By connecting you with reputable medical directors, implementing rigorous protocols, verifying licenses, and ensuring transparent communication, we aim to create an environment where your clients can confidently pursue their wellness journeys. Your safety is our priority, and we're here every step of the way to make sure your med spa thrives within the bounds of compliance.

Good Faith Evaluations (GFEs)

The We Treat app (available for download on Apple Store for iOS and as a web app) allows our med spa clients to stay compliant by documenting beautiful GFEs and med spa consultations in our HIPAA compliant app. Learn what your patients are seeking by reviewing their goals in each consult. Licensed Providers such as NPs, PAs and MDs are available to review each patient record for added safety and compliance. Patients are able to select from over 200 highly requisitioned compounded meds in the app, available for direct purchase from the med spa’s point of sale integration into your space. Contact your account manager today to learn about this revolutionary app allowing any clinic to add our most popular wellness medications to their service list.

Adverse Event Management

Each med spa has a medical team with liaison available 24/7 for patient adverse events (AEs). Your medical director may get directly involved with the patient to triage the issue or may be handled by an advanced practitioner. Note templates are available in the We Treat app for proper documentation of all AEs and follow up care.  Addressing AEs early and with a patient safety first approach improves outcomes from a patient and legal standpoint all around.

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