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Celebrating the Best of We Treat’s 2023

We Treat 
By: Tiffany Bowman | December 20, 2023

This year marked significant milestones for We Treat, and we're thrilled to share the exciting developments that have shaped our journey in 2023. We’re so grateful for our team and partners and are already looking forward to continuing this success in 2024! A look at the year behind: 

Introducing the We Treat App 

Our latest innovation, the We Treat App, represents a substantial investment of over $1 million to develop an app that is designed to enhance client discoverability and communication. The app facilitates convenient and trustworthy good faith examinations from mobile devices and stores your clients personal and health information, as well as provides convenient ways to communicate with your clients - such as direct messaging and video conferencing. However, what sets it apart the most is the seamless integration with your med spas pharmacy. Boasting a selection of over 200 medications, clients can now make direct purchases, ensuring that the sales revenue flows directly to your med spa. Download it now in the App Store to learn more. 

Unveiling the We Treat Portal 

In addition to the app, we proudly launched the We Treat Portal, providing your med spa with a direct line of communication with our supervisory team. This invaluable tool offers an onboarding timeline and essential support to keep your operations organized and efficient.

We Treat's Expanded Marketing Services 

In the latter half of the year, our team expanded its offerings to include comprehensive marketing services. From website development to SEO and social media strategies, we've achieved remarkable success stories:

  • Successfully built 28 new spa websites
  • Root Cause secured an impressive #8 ranking on Google within just 3 days, thanks to our SEO efforts and media attention from the local Fox affiliate due to website design and spa messaging by We Treat
  • Luxury Recovery Services in Escondido, CA, achieved a remarkable Google ranking at number 2 within 48 hours. Due to their success, they’ll be relocating to a larger location in January 2024 thanks to their website, SEO and marketing efforts
  • LaVir Med Spa accomplished a number 1 ranking for 4 out of 5 services within a mere two weeks, establishing itself on various algorithms, including search and maps
  • Hydrobar secured the number 3 spot just 3 days after launching their website
  • Built Touch of Beauty Wellness, our first ever website to use AI transcription to display the entire site in Spanish or English based on the language of the device automatically

Empowering the We Treat Community 

As the med spa industry experiences rapid growth and heightened interest, We Treat has become a beacon for aspiring businesses. With over 3,000 inquiries received, we've committed to supporting more than 480 medical spas in establishing and growing their ventures. We express our deepest gratitude for the trust placed in our team, eagerly anticipating continued partnerships in 2024.

These achievements reflect our commitment to empowering med spas with cutting-edge solutions and services. We're excited about the strides we've made in 2023 and eagerly anticipate reaching new heights in the coming year. Thank you for being part of the We Treat community!

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